In our ongoing search for the freshest design talent from around the world, we are holding a number of Meet Market live events throughout 2015.

Meet Market offers young designers the opportunity to engage with like-minded industry creatives via a series of lively workshops, entertaining lectures and constructive portfolio clinics.

For the very best creative talent we meet we also offer the opportunity to experience and be part of an international design agency. With that comes the opportunity to learn hands-on how to create and produce work that will become reality on a large scale. A fledgling designer’s career will never get a richer start than this.

With this third edition of Meet Market we’ve taken the theme of ‘The Wise & The Curious’. 

It best reflects our intention of sharing our professional knowledge and experience with young design talent. As such we’ve built all of this years activities around it. From our playful Mentor and Protégé based graphic language to the inspirational movies on this website, all have been tailor-made to help and guide young talent to get the right start in their design career.

Sit back and watch a Meet Market movie, make contact by pinging us an email or engage with us at one of our live events. Whatever you choose we look forward to connecting with you at some point this year.  

Meet Market is an initiative of VBAT, an award-winning international Branding and Design Agency with offices in Amsterdam and Mexico City.

With 30 years in the game, we’re experts at brand thinking and design, but we like to think clients hire us because we’re refreshing.

We work for brands like Heineken, ING, D.E Masterblenders 1753, PostNL, Sol, Gamma & Amsterdam Gay Pride. We are a team of around 60 creative experts and are part of the WPP global network. Visit VBAT.com for more information.

See you,

Graham Sturt
Creative Director, VBAT


February 11, 2015 - AKV St. Joost, Breda - Stagemarkt

This afternoon organised by St. Joost Breda, is created to know and get to know companies and students. This could be the start of interesting future collaborations and internships.

March 6, 2015 - SintLucas, Boxtel - Meet Market Masterclass

During a two hour masterclass, the students of SintLucas in Boxtel will experience how to go from brainstorm to implementation of a plan.

March 27, 2015 - VBAT, Amsterdam - Meet Market presents: Meet & Greet

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Feeling a little curious?

Then come join us to celebrate the latest edition of Meet Market! A place for curious, experience seeking creatives to meet knowledgable designers. For the very best creative talent, we offer the opportunity to be part of the international design agency, VBAT.

With that comes the chance to learn hands-on how to create great design vthat will be produced on a large scale. An aspiring designer’s career will never get a richer start than this!

So.. Bring your portfolio, a good joke + an appetite for some beers(!)

May 21 & 22, 2015 - Amsterdam - "What Design Can Do!" (Conference)

‘What Design Can Do’ celebrates the power of design and its problem-solving abilities. This two-day event in Amsterdam exposes design as a catalyst of change and renewal and a way of addressing the societal questions of our time.

We will be collaborating with the event and setting up several workshops and breakout sessions.



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